Amid Jessica Knight’s Departure, NCIS Needs to Bring This Character Back

Amid Jessica Knight’s Departure, NCIS Needs to Bring This Character Back

Now that Mark Harmon’s Gibbs is gone, she has no reason for staying away from the show.

Throughout its long-standing television history, CBS’ police procedural giant NCIS has seen its characters come and go causing the main team’s constant renewals.

Now that the show’s season 21 ended on a big cliffhanger concerning Jessica Knight’s departure from the MCRT and maybe from the entire series, fans have been keeping busy looking for worthy candidates for Knight’s position that she’s supposedly about to leave.

However, the show’s actors’ recent real-life encounter serves as a reminder that another beloved character needs to be brought back to the screen, and she has no claim for Jessica Knight’s job.

NCIS’ former actress Pauley Perrette recently took it to her Instagram account posting a picture of herself reuniting with her co-star Brian Dietzen who in the series portrays Jimmy Palmer.

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Perrette played the MCRT forensic scientist Abby Sciuto and was one of the long-standing original characters in NCIS until her departure from the show’s season 15 when the character decided to stay away from this kind of job that once significantly jeopardized her life.

The rumors nonetheless had it that Perrette had major irreconcilable disagreements with the series’ then lead Mark Harmon who portrayed Leroy Jethro Gibbs before leaving NCIS after season 19.

Despite being absent from the show for several seasons in a row, Pauley Perrette does seem to be missed by her co-stars and even the whole crew. CBS executives have recently made it clear that the actress would always be welcome if she suddenly decided to make her way back to NCIS, even considering the fact that Abby’s position has already been occupied by Kasie Hines, the current MCRT forensic scientist.

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Still, Perrette’s character may be easily reintroduced for a part-time role in case the team is going through some crisis or just needs another pair of hands to deal with some serious case.

Additionally, now that Mark Harmon officially quit the show and doesn’t give any sign of coming back, the actress seems to have no trouble making a return to her role should she come up with such a decision.


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