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Chris Meloni and TV Mom Ellen Burstyn Look So Sweet Together in New Selfie (PIC)

Meloni referred to Burstyn and the OC cast as people he “loves and admires.”

The Law & Order: Organized Crime squad just wrapped up filming Season 4, and couldn’t be any more proud.

On May 1, Chris Meloni (Elliot Stabler) posted candid Instagram snapshots of the cast and crew huddling together. In the pictures, we get to see Meloni’s on-screen brother, Dean Norris (Randall Stabler), and his on-screen son, Nicky Torchia (Eli Stabler). But the best part? We also caught a special glimpse of the one and only Ellen Burstyn, who plays Stabler’s TV mom, Bernadette.

“People I love and admire, and who work incredibly hard to tell a story,” Meloni captioned the picture.

See the moments later down in this article.

Back in February, Meloni shared another group selfie of the OC team, with a special appearance from Burstyn.

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In the reel, we also get to see him pose with Norris, Ainsley Seiger (Jet Slootmaekers), Kelli Giddish (Amanda Rollins), Stephanie March (Alex Cabot), and of course, Mariska Hargitay (Olivia Benson).

”#OC and other things with @ainsleyseiger @marchstephanie @therealmariskahargitay @icet and a cast of 1000s @nbc,’ Meloni captioned the post.

”SQUAD!!” The official NBC page commented.


Meloni also posted a sweet selfie of himself and Burstyn in March 2023. There, he had his arm around her while look dapper in a suit, while Burstyn gave a big smile.

“Love these faces” Hargitay commented.

The official account @dickwolfentertainment was also keen to write, “The best mother-son duo 😍.”

Chris Meloni and Ellen Burstyn talk about their on and off screen connection

In an October 2023 discussion with Interview, Meloni and Burstyn both opened up about their relationship

“Since I’ve lost my mother a couple of years ago, you — in my life, in our work — you’re my mother,” Meloni said to Burstyn.

“It’s very easy. It’s like slipping into a pair of old shoes. I slipped into being your mother,” she replied.

“Well, I’m glad you say that because I feel the same way,” Meloni said.

Bernadette Stabler and Elliot Stabler talk in a scene from Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 4 Episode 8.

Burstyn then talked about her career on Law & Order: OC.  “I want you to know that I’m more famous for [Organized Crime] than for anything I’ve done in my 70 years in the business. I get people stopping me in the street and saying, “Are you going to be on the show again soon?”

Meloni was is on the same page. “I get the same thing. They don’t care about me. They want to make sure that Bernie’s going to be on the show,” he said.


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