How Jessica Knight’s Career Could Grow After Her Hinted NCIS Departure

Jessica Knight in NCIS surrounded by other characters


  • Jessica Knight may leave NCIS for a REACT Chief Training Officer role, expanding her career.
  • The new position offers benefits like power, travel, and new connections.
  • A crossover with NCIS and REACT could continue the trend and allow for character reunions.

Although Jessica Knight might be leaving NCIS, there is still more to her story, and her career could expand beyond what has already been shown. The NCIS season 21 finale revealed that Katrina Law’s Jessica Knight could potentially be leaving NCIS in order to pursue a new career as an NCIS REACT Chief Training Officer. NCIS season 22 will have to show the outcome of her decision, as Jessica accepting the new job means leaving her team and her boyfriend, Jimmy Palmer.

21 seasons of NCIS are available to stream on Paramount+.

Jessica Knight is an ambitious character that first joined NCIS in season 18. Since then, she’s become a popular NCIS character and a trustworthy member of the team. The announcement of Jessica’s exit came as a shock to everyone, but it doesn’t mean that her time with NCIS has to come to an end. She will still remain part of the NCIS universe with her new role with REACT and there could be some way to combine her old role at NCIS with her new career ambitions.

Becoming An NCIS REACT Chief Training Officer Means New Opportunities

The Job Comes With The Perfect Benefits

Jessica Knight in a booth across from her father in NCIS

After Jessica announced her departure, there were worries about what this would mean for the team and for her relationship with Jimmy, but there are upsides too. For one, the new job is located in Camp Pendleton in California. The role with REACT also involves high security clearances and dealing with tense situations, so there is a possibility that she could travel around the United States as part of her role. Jessica’s role as an NCIS REACT Chief Training Officer also allows her to expand her career beyond her NCIS role in Washington.

“The position would also allow her to meet new people, and it would give her a position of power which makes sense for her career growth, given how ambitious and courageous she is.”

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While not many details are known about the position, thenew REACT role is definitely an upgrade and a promotion from Jessica’s current position as she is going from an NCIS Special Agent to a team lead as the Chief Training Officer. The position would also allow her to meet new people, and it would give her a position of power which makes sense for her career growth, given how ambitious and courageous she is. Jessica’s best moments in NCIS season 21 show that she has what it takes to start the new role.

Jessica Could Be Part Of A Crossover With NCIS And REACT

It Would Continue An NCIS Trend

Even though Jessica is expanding her career, it doesn’t mean that her role with the NCIS team in Washington is necessarily over. NCIS is known to feature cameos and crossovers and Jessica’s exit is the perfect opportunity to continue this trend. Jessica has even previously taken part in several NCIS crossover episodes. The REACT team is still part of NCIS, so the two teams could theoretically work together in the case of a tense situation taking place in Washington.

In this case, Jessica could rejoin her team temporarily through her new role as an NCIS REACT officer. Her past with NCIS would also work as a benefit, as she could easily act as a liaison between the two teams. Coming back through a crossover or cameo would also allow Jessica to revisit the NCIS team and reconnect with her past teammates. Although her friendships with the team will likely last beyond the move, it would be nice to see the characters reunite on screen together again and, hopefully, NCIS season 22 will allow this to happen.


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