Jessica Knight’s Status In NCIS Season 22 Gets Detailed Response From Showrunner

Jessica Knight in a conversation during the NCIS season 21 finale


  • NCIS showrunner Steven D. Binder hints at Knight’s potential departure, comparing it to past character disappearances like Gibbs.
  • Binder references Tony DiNozzo’s exit strategy, suggesting a similar motive for Knight’s departure.
  • Binder promises satisfying closure, leaving the audience to wait and see if it will be bittersweet or joyful.

NCIS showrunner Steven D. Binder gives a detailed answer about the status of Jessica Knight, discussing whether the character will return. Even though NCIS‘ landmark season 21 consisted of only 10 episodes, impacted by the writers and actors strikes, the long-running procedural drama nonetheless managed to end on a surprising note with the potential departure of Katrina Law’s Special Agent Jessica Knight.

In an interview with TVLine to preview the future of the popular CBS franchise, Binder discussed whether Law will be back as Knight for NCIS season 22. Though the showrunner did not confirm Knight’s future, he did reference characters “who just disappear like Gibbs.” Binder then goes on to promise that audiences will feel satisfied with where the story ends up. Read the full quote below:

We’ve set something up there, and I will point you toward our track record where “You never know.” We’ve had people look like they were going away and then it’s found out they weren’t going away, and then people who just disappear like Gibbs.

We’re really trying to follow what I call “the Tony DiNozzo departure” where, in his case he actually did leave the show, but you ask yourself, “What would it take to get a certain character away?” In the case of Tony DiNozzo, we thought he wouldn’t be going anywhere — except for a child, and suddenly that’s the motive that would make him leave. And to get [Knight] to leave this team, it’s a combination of a thing that she had applied for and wanted to do — she’s talked about the plan with her father — and then having this relationship with Jimmy where suddenly things are in flux in a way that it makes it easier for her to say goodbye.

So, I will say this. We do aim to please, and we think the audience will be satisfied with where they see this go. Sometimes that satisfaction is bittersweet and sometimes it’s just pure joy. You’ll have to wait to find out which one it’s going to be.

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What’s Going On With Jessica Knight & NCIS?

Knight Got An Exciting Career Opportunity

Heading into the NCIS season 21 finale, there was some concern that either Knight or Alden Parker (Gary Cole) would die as the result of a dangerous mission. Both survive, though Parker ends up in the hospital. The real change in the team dynamic happens when Knight is offered the job of chief of training for the REACT team. It’s a job that would alter her relationship with Dr. Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen), turning their courtship into one of long-distance.

Jimmy does not handle the news well at first. Early on in the finale episode, written by Scott Williams, with José Clemente Hernandez directing, Jimmy confesses that he’s lost a lot of people and he worries that he lose Knight because of the long-distance relationship. They patch things up by the episode’s end to a degree, fueled by Knight’s harrowing ordeal. But it’s that same harrowing deal that accelerates Knight’s decision to accept the job.

At the hospital, with Jimmy and her teammates looking on, Knight accepts the job with enthusiasm. It’s unknown what this means for Katrina Law’s long-term NCIS future but it’s somewhat unlikely that the character will leave the franchise without a follow-up. Although nothing is confirmed, it could be the case that Knight leaves briefly in NCIS season 22 but ultimately decides that it’s not what she wants. At this point, however, that remains speculative.


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