Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo’s Weird Audition Made Them NCIS Power Couple

Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo’s Weird Audition Made Them NCIS Power Couple

Their couple energy was always there.

It won’t take too much time until NCIS universe officially drops its brand new spinoff about the original show’s beloved couple and their new missions, taking them around Europe. Set to reunite in Paris after years of having no clue about each other’s lives, Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo’s Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David will finally bring their power couple dynamic back since both left their positions in NCIS years ago.

Now that the pair has yet another major challenge to deal with, which is their preteen daughter Tali, Tony and Ziva will surely have a new spark in their uncommon relationship, the franchise’s zest that actually could’ve never happened had Cote de Pablo changed her mind once and for all.

Following the launch of their podcast Off Duty: An NCIS Rewatch back in May, Ziva David’s actress Cote de Pablo revealed that she’d had a very weird feeling while auditioning for the role alongside her on-screen partner Michael Weatherly.

She recalled that not having watched a single episode of NCIS, she had no idea what the actor’s Tony DiNozzo was supposed to be like, thus not knowing that he would easily freak everyone out with his odd behavior.

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According to de Pablo, she felt like something had gone wrong when Weatherly suddenly touched her face and said she looked like Salma Hayek. The actress went on to say that she was sure about Weatherly trying to sabotage her audition for some reason, while all that the actor was trying to do was a mere experiment with his acting.

However weird it may seem, all the strange interactions between Weatherly and de Pablo made it clear for NCIS creators that they had found a couple they’d always wanted to bring to the show.

Despite the producers’ expectations for de Pablo to follow the script and then laugh at Weatherly’s joke, another type of dynamics was established, with Ziva being mundane enough to keep Tony and his quirky nature under control, something that later on became another compelling element to look forward to in the show’s next seasons.

Though Tony and Ziva seem to have no plans to return to NCIS, they’ll still be back to the screens with NCIS: Tony & Ziva that premieres later this year.


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