NCIS Alum Sasha Alexander Reunites with Michael Weatherly & Cote de Pablo

Michael Weatherly, Sasha Alexander, Cote de Pablo


  • Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo reunite for a new NCIS podcast with Sasha Alexander, sharing charming memories and revisiting classic episodes.
  • NCIS continues to expand with spinoffs, including the upcoming Tony & Ziva series exploring the popular characters in Europe.
  • Sasha Alexander’s potential return to NCIS , both on-screen and as a director, could provide a meaningful bridge between past and future of the franchise.

Stars of the upcoming spinoff NCIS: Tony & Ziva, Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo, reunited with fellow alum Sasha Alexander recently for the new podcast, Off Duty: An NCIS Rewatch.

Weatherly and De Pablo’s new venture will revisit classic episodes alongside former and current cast members of the NCIS franchise. Alexander’s guest appearance on this podcast was commemorated with several charming photos shared on her Instagram, reviving memories for the avid fans of the show.

This project comes as NCIS continues to expand its footprint with new spinoffs, despite the recent discontinuation of its Hawai’i iteration. The upcoming NCIS: Tony & Ziva will further explore the dynamics between the two fan-favorite characters.

In one of De Pablo’s Instagram post revealing the official title of the series, she teased what the NCIS spinoff will be about. Setting the expectations of the fans, saying:

NCIS: Tony & Ziva. […] It makes it really easy because the fans will know exactly what the show is. It’s about Tony and Ziva in Europe. […] I expect intrigue, romance, the background of Europe. Impossible situations that will make our life very complicated, but somehow a little something about love.

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Sasha Alexander’s Memorable Impact and Potential Return to NCIS

NCIS fans remember Sasha Alexander for her portrayal of Kate Todd’s character. It has been nearly two decades since the audience has witnessed the shocking demise of Alexander in Season 2 finale of the series. Her character, Kate Todd, was among the key to the early success of the CBS procedural.

Recently, during the landmark 1000th episode of NCIS, the series revisited this pivotal event, albeit using only archival footage of Alexander. This has initiated discussions about the potential for Alexander’s return to the franchise, despite the finality of Kate’s fate.

The NCIS narrative has previously demonstrated a creative fluidity with its characters, notably through the brief return of Alexander in the third season. In those episodes, Alexander appeared not through conventional flashbacks but as vivid projections experienced by her grieving teammates. This inventive approach suggests that the door may not be entirely closed for Alexander’s character.

The possibility of Kate Todd reappearing as a hallucination or in a similarly imaginative capacity remains within the realm of possibility, especially as the show continues to explore deeper character arcs and backstories in its upcoming 22nd season.

Moreover, Sasha Alexander’s potential involvement with NCIS could extend beyond on-screen appearances. Having previously directed an episode of Michael Weatherly’s series Bull, Alexander has demonstrated her capabilities behind the camera as well. Her return could potentially be in a directorial capacity, particularly with the upcoming NCIS spinoff, NCIS: Tony & Ziva, a project that could benefit from her deep understanding of the series’ dynamics and her strong rapport with co-star Cote de Pablo.

Should Alexander helm an episode of the new Paramount+ spinoff, it would represent a meaningful return to the NCIS universe, bridging her past role with new creative contributions.


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