NCIS Season 22 To See Jimmy Find ‘Someone Else’ As Fan Predicts End Of Him And Jessica

NCIS could see Jimmy Palmer and Jessica Knight over for good as he finds another love interest at work.

NCIS season 22 will follow-up on that cliffhanger ending which put Jimmy and Jessica’s relationship in jeopardy.

When season 21 ended earlier this month, Jessica Knight (played by Katrina Law) was offered a promotion working as the new REACT chief training officer at Camp Pendleton.

This meant that she would have to relocate to the other side of the country and following a particularly terrifying mission, she decided to take it.

Her relationship with Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) has been a little shaky as of late and this could be the final nail in the coffin if they decide long distance won’t work for them.

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And now a CBS viewer has shared that this could open a door for Jimmy to get himself a new girlfriend.

Sharing their theory with the Reddit community, they wrote: “I believe that Palmer will find someone elsewhere at the office, and Jess comes back on a case to find out Palmer moved on.”

They went on to add that Jessica would be “distraught” at the thought of Jimmy falling in love with someone else “but would come to accept it” if she did choose to return.

If season 22 is going to start with Jessica leaving the team, then her spot as an agent would need to be filled, meaning a potential new cast member.

Jessica’s particular role has always been filled in by a feisty female agent as well, from Caitlin “Kate” Todd (Sasha Alexander) and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo), to Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham).

So could it be that Jimmy will find himself in a relationship with Jessica’s replacement in season 22?

Even though this theory is plausible, not everyone on Reddit seemed to be on board with the idea.

In response, a fellow viewer wrote: “First NO Jess will not leave all is a plot and cliffhanger out of storyline.

“Somewhere Nick will ask her ‘Are you sure? You got us and you have a family and [are] a step-mum to Victoria!’ And no Jimmy will not find someone else like people think!”

NCIS was renewed for season 22 at the end of April with the show predicted to return sometime in September.

Series 21 was the shortest outing yet for the police procedural with just 10 episodes thanks to the Hollywood actors and writers’ strikes.

Season 22, however, is expected to consist of around 24 episodes, which is roughly how long each NCIS series lasts for.


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