NCIS Star Spoils What Vance Offers Knight In The Season 21 Finale


Contains major spoilers for “NCIS” Season 21, Episode 10 — “Reef Madness”

“NCIS has been teasing that changes are lying ahead for Jessica Knight (Katrina Law) for quite a while, and now we know exactly what those big transitions may entail. We’d been given previous hints that a career advancement might change everything for her, but now we know exactly what that move might mean — and it might spell disaster for her romance with Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen).

Rocky Carroll, who’s long been recognizable as Leon Vance on “NCIS,” spilled the beans to TV Insider about what his character has on the table for Jessica. “It’s a legacy offer, her dad’s position [Special Agent-in-Charge of the NCIS Far East Field Office] that she was interested in at some point.” Jessica did consider applying for the position earlier in the season. But taking it would require her to move far from her home base and thus far from Jimmy. But, Carroll says, that’s just what Vance is thinking of when he offers Jessica such a position. “Vance knows that Agent Knight is at a crossroads personally and professionally, and a change of venue, a change of scenery might do her good,” he added.

In fact, Carroll notes that Vance offers Jessica the job because he notices that her love affair with Jimmy is messing with their performance on the job, endangering the lives of others and making everything else difficult. Fans may be left clinging to the edges of their seats, but Carroll and his co-stars continue to promise the unpredictable.


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Rocky Carroll and Brian Dietzen weigh in with their thoughts about the finale


It looks like many of Rocky Carroll’s co-stars are consigning the shocking nature of Season 21’s ending. Brian Dietzen told Entertainment Tonight that you can expect some emotional shockers in the Season 21 finale.

“I’ll say this, the finale is not to be missed. There is some intense stuff, and when I say intense, I mean intense, like it’s stuff that we haven’t hit in a long, long time as far as the life and death that is happening within this episode,” Dietzen said. Since the plot involves the crew dealing with three bodies showing up in a ship about to be scuttled, death is definitely already on the scene.

Katrina Law, meanwhile, unsurprisingly promised that Jessica is going to spend a lot of time searching for her soul, and she even said the finale is her favorite episode of the season. “There’s some fundamental changes that are gonna happen to our characters,” the actor said.

While “NCIS” is well known for doing what it needs to do when eliminating characters to advance storylines and surprise readers, Carroll says the drama this time out emanates from the personal — at least with Jessica Knight’s storyline. “A lot of times the other season finales or cliffhangers have been dealing specifically with a case or some global threat or something like that. But now you have one of our main characters who has to make a personal decision as well. So I think it stands alone in that aspect,” the actor told TVInsider. And this Friday, fans will find out just what that entails.


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