‘NCIS: Tony & Ziva’ Begins Filming This Summer, Michael Weatherly Says



  •  Get ready for the ultimate TIVA reunion with Tony and Ziva back on screens in Europe.
  •  The new series promises love, danger, tears, and laughter with the couple on the run.
  •  Fans of NCIS can look forward to action-packed family dynamics in the upcoming show.

It is happening! Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David will be back on screens this fall in their newly named NCIS offshoot. Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo are set to reprise their roles that originated in NCIS in the new Europe-set series titled NCIS: Tony and Ziva. The series will follow the couple who reunited in Paris and have been raising their daughter for the past ten years. Trouble knocks when Tony’s security company is attacked, and the small family goes on the run when they realize they’re under attack. They traverse Europe while working to figure out who is after them. The series will begin production this summer and hit screens during the 2024/2025 television season.

Fans will reunite with the characters whom they haven’t seen for a long time. Tony and Ziva have been thriving in Paris, raising their daughter Tali. The series will see Weatherly and De Pablo headlining the show as they return to the NCIS universe. Details on whether anyone from their NCIS past might appear in the show have not been confirmed yet, but Rocky Carroll has thought of a way for Director Vance to make a cameo. Weatherly and De Pablo will also serve as executive producers. The pilot episode was written by John McNamara (TrumboThe Magicians), the showrunner.

‘NCIS: Tony and Ziva’ Is a Dream Come True

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According to Weatherly and De Pablo, the series will infuse a lot of action and great family dynamics. “The world of Tony and Ziva (and daughter Tali) promises to be an action-packed roller coaster fueled by love, danger, tears, and laughter,” they teased when the series was announced. They also didn’t forget the fans who had been the biggest champions of the couple and the show.

“We also want to acknowledge and thank the fans from around the world who supported the ‘TIVA’ movement for years. To this day, they say hello in grocery stores and on the street to tell us how much these characters mean to them and ask what Tony and Ziva are up to now. This is for you!”

The original NCIS team has changed as stars left to pursue other passions over the years. Shasa Alexander left to pursue other roles, while De Pablo exited for personal reasons. Weatherly exited a few seasons after De Pablo to headline Bull, while Pauley Perrette had a falling out with Mark Harmon and left the show. Harmon would exit three seasons later, but he is set to narrate another NCIS spin-off, NCIS: Origins, focused on the character he played in the original show. Season 21 saw Ducky get written out of the show after David McCallum passed away last year. He was the last of the original cast members.

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