New NCIS Gibbs Prequel BTS Image Officially Fixes Its First Major Mark Harmon Mistake

Mark Harmon as Gibbs in NCIS and Austin Stowell as young Gibbs


  • Mark Harmon returns to NCIS , as he narrates NCIS: Origins , a prequel spinoff exploring young Gibbs.
  • The first-look image of Austin Stowell as young Gibbs features him sporting a longer haircut — something that is fixed in a new BTS image.
  • A shorter haircut for Stowell indicates NCIS: Origins ‘ adherence to Gibbs’ established look during the ’90s.

Ahead of its premiere, NCIS: Origins has officially fixed its major Leroy Jethro Gibbs mistake as seen in a brand new behind-the-scenes image. A few years after Mark Harmon officially left the franchise, he is about to return via another project, although this doesn’t exactly mean him reprising his iconic role as Gibbs. Instead, Harmon will provide the narration for NCIS: Origins — a prequel spinoff series that tackles Gibbs’ earliest years in the agency. Young Gibbs has been recast with Austin Stowell, who takes over the role from Sean Harmon.

As the face of NCIS for almost two decades, Gibbs will always be attached to the police procedural. While his time on the main show as leader of the Major Case Response Team (MCRT) is done, there’s still more to his story, which will be told in NCIS: Origins. Some of those storylines were previously hinted at in the flagship series and the prequel has the chance to further explore them. Production for the show has just started, but while plot specifics remain tightly under wraps, a new behind-the-scenes image is a good sign of what’s to come.

Austin Stowell Sports A Shorter Hairdo In New NCIS: Origins Image

Austin Stowell on the set of NCIS: Origins

Long before filming began, the first NCIS: Origins promotional image was revealed featuring Stowell as the character. It was a way to get people hyped up for the project even though it was still months away from premiering. That being said, NCIS: Origins‘ first promotional image got Gibbs’ look wrong. Instead of the standard short haircut that Harmon’s character had been sporting for decades, Stowell’s version was rocking a quasi-mullet. Based on the NCIS flashback scenes from that period, Gibbs never wore his hair as long as that, hence why it was immediately deemed a mistake.

Fortunately, however, NCIS: Origins appears to have already fixed this glaring issue before it even becomes a proper plot hole. Cast member Mariel Molino recently shared some behind-the-scenes content from the production of the prequel, which includes a fresh look at Stowell, who is sporting a much shorter haircut. Considering the timeline, he could grow it to Gibbs’ signature length in time for filming. This means that despite the first-look image that CBS released, NCIS: Origins will stay true to Gibbs’ established appearance during the ’90s.

Why Gibbs’ Haircut Is Integral To His NCIS Story

Gibbs’ Unchanging Physical Appearance Informed Viewers Of His Character

Gibb was a creature of habit — something that came from his time as a marine. So many of his practices had been going on for years. He liked drinking coffee, working in his basement, eating at his preferred diner, and going to the same barber for his haircut. The character’s appearance was the biggest and easiest indicator of this. Gibbs maintained his look throughout his stint in NCIS — except for a few episodes when he was forced not to do his regular grooming regiment. So it is imperative that NCIS: Origins stays true to this despite Stowell’s recasting.


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