The Huge Bones Star In The NCIS Franchise’s 1000th Episode

The Huge Bones Star In The NCIS Franchise’s 1000th Episode


The 1000th episode of the “NCIS” franchise will bring back some familiar guest stars, including a face well-known to fans of another hit procedural. According to TV Line, T.J. Thyne, best known for playing Dr. Jack Hodgins on “Bones,” has a supporting role as a tech boss in the vein of Jeff Bezos, suggesting that the character will be an important and influential figure.

Little is known about Thyne’s character at the time of this writing, but his rise to stardom thanks to “Bones” hopefully means his role will be more memorable than the cameo appearance that marked his last outing on “NCIS.” The actor appeared in Season 1’s “One Shot, One Kill” episode, portraying Carl, an awkward warehouse manager who also happens to be familiar with tech and namedrops “CSI.”

It remains to be seen if Thyne will reprise that character, as Carl does seem like the type of fella who’d become a tech tycoon. Still, that’s all speculation for now, so let’s focus on what we actually do know about the upcoming milestone episode.


Who’s joining T.J. Thyne for NCIS’ 1000th episode?


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The “NCIS” universe’s 1000th episode promises appearances from characters from the show’s various spin-offs. The TV Line report notes, for example, that Daniela Ruah, known by franchise fans as Special Agent Kensi Blye on “NCIS: Los Angeles,” is scheduled to provide some updates about how her colleagues are getting on. Fans had mixed feelings about “NCIS: LA” ending after 14 seasons, so hopefully, Blye’s contribution to the upcoming episode gives disappointed viewers some closure.

The episode follows the team as they combat a threat with connections to their past, which might reopen some old cases. The “NCIS” franchise’s 1000th episode trailer features two dead characters, with the voiceover narration heavily implying that their respective demises will fuel the storyline. This could also mean that the villain is someone we’ve met before — or, at least, has connections to a known blast from the past.

Forget about dangerous enemies, though. The big question is: did T.J. Thynes’ character make it out of the warehouse and become an influential figure in the tech world? Or is the actor introducing a new character to the “NCIS” mythos? Those questions will be answered on April 12, 2024, when the episode airs on CBS.


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